Environmental, Sustainable and Governance

At OFP, we understand and recognise that any business has an impact on the environment, and like everyone, we want to do our part to reduce this impact and work in a way that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

We are constantly seeking new ways in which we can minimise our materials and energy whilst providing consistent, high quality products and services for our clients. 

Here are just some of the efforts we have made to become more sustainable.


We do our very best to reuse and recycle wherever possible. We even create pellets from sawdust which we burn in our biomass boilers to heat our offices.

As part of our waste less and efforts to increase sustainable solutions watch the our recycled wood pellet production, bio-mass boilers and solar panels which all help to supply the energy required to power our manufacturing facility.


Sustainability is not the main reason why there has been an increase in timber-frame construction in the UK, although we think it should be. The focus in construction sustainability at present is on the impact of the building when it is in use. However not only is it energy efficient when built but the reduction in carbon footprint and materials sustainability of the build itself is one to note.