Mezzanine Floor Expansion

As we have a lot of work coming in and lined up for this year, we are happy to announce that we have completed building a mezzanine floor in our Sandwich factory.

The addition of the mezzanine floor will allow us to increase our production of panels by 75%.

We can now have panel benches on top and underneath the mezzanine floor which frees up the right-hand side of our factory floor. This gives us more space for extra materials and work benches. It also gives us the additional space to build larger format panels and cassettes. Overall the mezzanine floor gives us increased flexibility and a much more adaptable working space for all the components that go into our projects. 

Finally the stair plant and truss plant are also in full swing now after being set up and running for 5 years and 2 years respectively. That factory itself is as big in terms of square meterage as our Sandwich offices and with the mezzanine floor shortly in full use these will all benefit and start to fulfil their full potential. 

In undertaking these expansion works within our factory, we are in a stronger position to provide our high quality panels across more sites for our clients. We are very pleased and excited to be in this position, knowing that we can offer increased certainty and capacity for the future. 

Growing Team

With all this extra space to produce more, we are also expanding our team to be able to keep up with demand.

We have recently hired new team members across a variety of departments such as design, transport and logistics, contracts team and more. 

Meet some of the new team:

Our most recent new joiner is Simon, our new contracts manager.

He joins us with over 20 years experience as a carpenter erecting timber frame projects including OFP.

Speaking about his role, Simon says “I am very excited to be joining the contracts team and look forward to working alongside a great team , it’s impressive to have witnessed first hand how fast OFP have grown in recent years”

The future

With extra space and a bigger team in place, we can bring our clients the same high quality products and services, on a greater scale, than ever before.

For more information on our ongoing projects and expansion, get in touch with us:

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