Our Commitment to Quality and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)

The government is placing significant emphasis on Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), investing time and money in various policies and schemes. One of the key focuses on the MMC agenda is the use of Pre-Manufactured Value (PMV) as a critical measurement metric.

For those who are not familiar with PMV, as described by https://www.pbctoday.co.uk/, it calculates the proportion of a building’s construction that takes place offsite or near-site using any of the seven categories of MMC, measured as a percentage of the total.

““It is a requirement under the Affordable Housing Program provided by Homes England that all funded sites shall have at least 25% of the units must be MMC and the MMC must have pre manufactured value of 55%”” 

With timber frame construction, a lot of the work we do is pre-manufactured at our site. We have systems for:

  • Timber frame walls (internal, external, party)
  • Roof trusses
  • Open web joist

If you want to increase the PMV of the building, the key is to start with structural systems, such as timber frame, and build up from there with a range of offsite-manufactured components. These solutions provide by far the highest PMV Source: https://www.pbctoday.co.uk/news/mmc-news/pre-manufactured-value-calculations/93080/


In addition to this, we are also STA Gold approved suppliers. We’re audited annually on our quality to a set of membership standards specific to the industry. We were last audited in December 2021 and assessed 12 key criteria focusing on management control, quality systems, factory & on-site safety. We are delighted to have achieved an STA Gold again.

As gold members, we have achieved an 85%+ score under the STA quality assessment of manufactured assemblies. All of our products and procedures are thoroughly reviewed and inspected. In addition to this, our design and engineering departments are tested to ensure competence, that they have suitable experience including having at least one of the engineers being chartered. We are proud that all our installers are competent as per Timber Frame Competency Award Scheme.

FSC® certified products available on request

ISO Certified

We have achieved ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management.

Getting ISO accreditation means that we have proved that our services and processes are world-class in terms of quality, safety and efficiency.
We are super proud of our team. It takes a real team effort to achieve these certifications, and our team has done a fantastic job.

Speaking about our achievements, Managing Director Alastair Narraway says;

“2022 will mark 20 years of OFP and we’ve seen so much positive change in the industry since we started out.

We’ve built such a great experienced team, and I’m so proud of the quality product that we offer to our customers.

With timber frame at the forefront of sustainable and quality construction, we feel we’re in a fantastic position now, and for the next 20 years ahead.”

For more information on our ongoing projects and expansion, get in touch with us:

T: 01304 613298 E: info@ofptimberframe.com