The Benefits of Timber Frame


Used as a method of construction, timber frame is possibly the only renewable resource in the construction industry. In terms of its product energy requirement, timber consumes a significantly less amount of energy during the manufacture process compared to its masonry counterparts. Research has indicated that the manufacture of timber frame walls consumes around 58% of the amount of energy required to produce a lightweight block work wall.
Not only is timber frame environmentally friendly, it can make bottom line savings on your project. Each stage of a timber frame project is planned before going to site. This means that every aspect of your project can be value engineered in order to remove non-essential items. Furthermore, it is estimated that a project that is manufactured off site you will use 20% less on-site labour days. Timber frame construction therefore goes a long way to saving both time and money.
Timber frame construction is perfectly poised to accommodate the changes that the Code for Sustainable Homes is enforcing. Our insulation systems that we have developed allow for excellent U-values to be achieved. We can install the insulation with the timber frame kit pre-insulated for convenience on site.
All of this can be achieved without having to compromise with your architectural visualisation. Timber frame construction is designed and engineered in conjunction with the architectural layouts, and the design can be completed before going to site. The beauty of timber is its flexibility – you can chose to create aesthetically pleasing features with timber, or it can remain structural. Timber frame construction gives you the control over your vision.
Finally, projects that are manufactured in timber frame will easily achieve the required credits with the Code for Sustainable Homes. OFP Timber Framed Homes can help you achieve nearly a third of the points available in the Code for Sustainable Homes. Timber frame construction is the cheapest and easiest way to comply with this government legislation.

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