The use of timber frame as an MMC is growing across the UK, yet excitingly, England still has huge growth potential for further adoption. The National House Building Council (NHBC) statistics show that timber frame was used in around 9% of newly built homes in England compared to 22% in Wales, 30% in Northern Ireland and a staggering 92% in Scotland.

Pictured project: 118 timber frame units in Cranleigh, Surrey.

With that in mind, along with the government’s new roadmap to timber in construction, it is clear that developers are increasingly considering timber frame for their upcoming projects. Check out our latest article for more information on the UK Government’s Road Map to Timber Construction.

For decades, at OFP, we have seen developers across Kent, East Sussex, and nationally reap the benefits of utilising timber frame in their developments. All you need is the right timber frame partner to work alongside you. 

Why should developers choose timber frame?

Timber frame has a lot of benefits for all those involved, from the contractor with the speed of delivery all the way to the homeowner enjoying the benefits of an energy-efficient home.

One key stakeholder that also benefits from utilising timber frame in their project is the property developer. 

The property developer is at the heart of the project. Once they have purchased land, they are responsible for managing the full project from planning permission to completion, to ensure the building is technically compliant and financially feasible. 

Timber frames could be the answer to achieving both these goals. Some of the key benefits of timber frames for property developers are:

  1. Sustainable & environmentally friendly – As we know, timber frames offer many environmental benefits. Not only is it a renewable material, but it also has the lowest embodied carbon compared to other traditional building materials. Trees sequester and store carbon from the atmosphere, meaning that timber has a negative carbon impact throughout its lifecycle. Timber also has some of the best insulation properties, which can reduce the pressure on the UK’s electricity grid. 
  2. Speed of delivery – Timber frame is typically built using MMC, meaning that most components, such as panels, joists, trusses, etc., are manufactured offsite and simply assembled onsite. The NHBC estimates that using timber frames can save up to 3 months of your build time on a 24 unit scheme.
  3. Cost-effective – Timber frame homes built using MMC help save labour costs and reduce project delays due to adverse weather conditions. This can positively impact project deadlines and, ultimately, your bottom line. 
  4. Accuracy and precision – As timber frame is manufactured in a factory, it means the components are more accurate and precise with fewer defects or mistakes. Through the use of innovative technology at OFP, we can automate processes and procedures to exceed levels of accuracy and efficiency. 
Pictured project: 300 timber frame units in Conningbrook, Ashford, Kent

How does all this help developers?

All of these benefits help developers to achieve their goals. Timber frame can offer a huge amount of sustainable and environmentally friendly benefits, helping property developers ensure that their projects comply with the latest building regulations and align with the UK government’s Net Zero 2050 strategy. 

Secondly, timber frames can be very cost-effective to build, with reduced labour costs and fewer errors and defects. This helps the developer stay on track with their budgets and ensure the project benefits them financially.

We work closely with housing developers nationally as well as locally in Kent and East Sussex. All we need are the architect’s drawings, and the OFP team will do the rest. Our team will take the architect’s drawings, create preliminary drawings, and finally, manufacturing and construction drawings. These drawings are programmed into our Hundegger Speed-Cut SC3, which is a highly accurate multi-axis saw, to provide highly detailed and accurate results. Read more about our purpose-built factory. 

If you are a property developer considering timber frames for your next project, contact us to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

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