WebSpan - OFP's Open Web Joist System

...taking the strain out of timber frame

Due to client feedback, OFP are now producing our own open web joists from our factories based in Sandwich, Kent.


Our WebSpan Joist System has been introduced to allow a greater range of flexibility and ease of installation for follow-on trades, avoiding the need for solid timber solutions and minimising costly repairs due to incorrect 'knocking out' of holes for services.


Benefit's of our WebSpan Joist System:

  • Ease in installing services to your project eliminating the need for drilling or notching and allowing tradesmen to work more productively on site.
  • High engineered strength and rigidity spanning up to 8m with no need for intermediate load bearing walls.

This is the joist of the future. As Building Regulations demand greater thermal efficiency from your project, and so all ducting and service requirements will increase, the benefits of an open web system outshine all alternative joisting options.


We at OFP Timber Framed Homes are looking to the future, and strive to remain market leaders and trend setters within the timber frame industry. We believe open web joist will save you time and money throughout your whole project, and not just the timber frame element.

We have a CE certificate of constancy of performance on the basis of ETA 08-0370 achieving production control under system 1. A copy of the certificate can be provided on request.


WebSpan Gallery:

Case Studies

Take a look at OFP Timber Framed Homes' case studies comprising different sectors and project sizes.

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