Timber Engineering

Environmentally friendly, fast to build and energy efficient

Timber frame has many advantages - as an engineered product, it forms an accurate structure, which requires minimum fitting. Factory production ensures quality control and reduces construction-related problems, resulting in considerable cost savings. Frames are quick to erect. Built out of timber framework covered with structural board and protected by water-resistant membranes, they can be erected to provide a watertight shell within days. Internal work then proceeds quickly while the outside cladding is completed.


The short construction time (30% faster than brick and block) keeps the building dry and reduces the problems of cracking and shrinkage associated with "drying out" traditional masonry homes.


Staying one step ahead

It is OFP timber frame's aim to be at the forefront of the market for Engineered Timber. In this industry, new products are constantly produced and released into the market, potentially changing the way in which the industry works. From our manufacturing facilities in Sandwich, Kent, we design and supply timber engineering systems for flooring in both cassette and loose form.


As flats tend not to require as many service holes to run through the floor zone we use Ultrajoist superdried timber. As this timber has virtually no moisture there is no risk of shrinkage - minimised to less that 1%. It is known throughout the industry as being revolutionary, cost effective and environmentally advanced.

We manufacture our own open web joists. This system has been proven to be a quick, efficient and simple floor system. As the webs are open it means that the construction allows for service runs without the need to drill or notch any timber. This means there is less time spent on site and makes for easier follow on trades.


Glulam is an engineered product using selected timber, consisting of multiple layers of timber (known as laminations) which are joined together with specialist adhesives to create an architecturally beautiful, durable and flexible material. Ideal as an alternative to steel it is also highly cost-effective and allows for a greater scope of design possibilities.


The benefits of engineered wood products

  • Machining and reassembling timber removes and randomise naturally occurring defects such as splits and knots to produce a more uniform structured material
  • The direction of wood fibre can be orientated so that there is better dimensional stability and strength in a particular direction
  • They are manufactured from younger, smaller trees harvested from managed forests. This allows forest resources to be used more efficiently


Features and benefits of an engineered timber system

  • Long lengths can span over multiple supports
  • Faster installation time meaning less time on site
  • Suitable for long roof rafters and complicated roofs
  • Engineered for stability and reliability
  • Minimal shrinking and twisting leading to reduced call-backs on site
  • Stronger - Joist centres can be increased - reducing costs
  • Service holes can be easily cut or drilled through the thin web
  • Services can be fitted after deck has been installed
  • Engineered timber is easily man handled leading to faster installation times
  • CE Marked open webs
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