Timber Frame and Self Build


Timber Frame and Self Build
The method of constructing a building through timber frame off site prefabricated panels has been used in the self build market since as early as the 1950s. Many of these houses are still standing and in serviceable condition today. Choosing timber frame as your self build construction method would put in you in fine company, as between a quarter and a third of British self builders choose to use prefabricated timber frames as their construction method of choice.
The reasons for choosing timber frame as your method of construction for your self build project are many and are highly compelling. Timber frame construction has a well founded reputation as being extremely warm and energy efficient. This means that your self build construction becomes an investment and will help minimise your carbon footprint thereby saving the environment and your hard earned money!
In addition to saving you money, timber frame is accepted as being one of the most accurate methods of construction. As the project is manufactured off site it is precision engineered and highly accurate. This means that the self-builder will have far fewer potential problems further down the line. Walls are straight and rooms are square, kitchens fit easily and there are no awkward shapes to fit skirting or other finishes to. The projects managed by OFP Timber Framed Homes are suited to make the self-builder’s life as smooth as possible.
At OFP Timber Framed Homes we take away many of the headaches that self-builders are likely to come across. The speed at which we can erect a project means that rather than spending months co-ordinating other trades such as bricklayers, carpenters and roofers, the self-builder can order the super structure with us and see it get erected on site in days. We manage the design and engineering, in tandem with the architect, to ensure the self-builder gets exactly what they envisaged. We then manufacture each element off site in our factory controlled environment for precision accuracy. We then ensure that the self build project is safely and rapidly erected on site with the minimum of fuss. We, at OFP Timber Framed Homes, look to simplify the process of homebuilding, but allow the self-builder to maintain control on how the project is finished.

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