Timber Frame and Architects


Timber Frame and Architects
The benefits of timber frame are listed throughout our website, but we thought we’d highlight the benefits of timber frame construction for the architect.
If you take a look at the Architect Section on our website you will see the great aesthetics that can be achieved when building with timber. Timber not only looks great, but is very fashionable. With careful detailing in conjunction with our timber frame designers, an architect can show off the structural make up of a building and make any pillars, columns or beams in to feature pieces of the building.
In addition to being a flexible, sustainable natural building material, timber conforms to all Eurocode requirements. There are accurate timber span charts that help specify the correct joists or studs to suit your design. This means that an architect can design with confidence in timber frame construction.
Any concerns that fire could be a potential hazard for timber frame construction have been conclusively refuted by the United Kingdom Timber Frame Association and the Timber Research and Development Association. Tests have confirmed timber frame conforms to all building regulations, and in some cases exceeds them by 10%. When it comes to the architect specifying materials there need not be any concern over timber, in fact, timber has been shown to be more predictable than steel – meaning in the unwanted event of a fire, timber reacts in a controllable manner.
Finally, the role of the architect is important when it comes to the Code for Sustainable Homes. Your project can achieve the maximum credits for the dwelling emission rates and building fabric details if the timber frame designer and architect work together from an early stage. OFP can achieve a possible 42 credits out of 104 available as part of the Code for Sustainable Homes– approximately 32% (when accounting for the weighting of points) of all credits available on the code.

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