The Five Key Benefits of Timber Frame


The 5 Key Benefits of Timber Frame

Quite often we'll speak with a client, and they will ask us why they should pick timber frame over any other method of construction. Our response focuses on the "off-site" construction benefits and the savings derived from this. There are five key benefits widely agreed upon in the timber frame construction industry, headed by the UK Timber Frame Association.
1.       It’s fast.
Once on site, a typical timber frame house can be installed in under a week. The UKTFA have stated that timber frame requires “around 20% fewer on-site labour days and a shorter construction period overall”. So if you’re looking to get your project out of the ground quickly, for a quicker return of investment, to minimise local disruptions and to have a safe and tidy site; timber frame holds the solution.
2.       It’s efficient.
Timber frame is not only efficient to install on site, it brings long term savings to its occupants. According to the UKTFA, there is “up to a 33% reduction in energy consumption for a large detached house and a 20% reduction for apartments” compared with other methods of construction.
3.       It’s accurate.
As mentioned above, and by the UKTFA, “off-site prefabrication of panels also offers strict quality control, which results in fewer problems during and post erection”. We have audited systems in place to control the manufacture of our timber frames under supervised conditions, and the materials are safely stored in dry conditions ensuring the highest quality construction on site.
4.       It’s sustainable.
The UKTFA states the following: “Timber is the only truly sustainable building material we have, and one of the lowest embodied carbon raw materials around.” With the government pushing the Code for Sustainable Homes and driving towards zero carbon in 2016, timber frame is growing in strength. As the UKTFA has said “timber frame buildings were the first to reach CSH levels 5 and 6” – critical requirements in all new construction projects.
5.       It’s cost effective.
House builders are switching to timber as the material of choice, and it is “currently accounting for around 75% of the self-build market” according to the UKTFA. It offers flexibility in design and brings quality aesthetic aspects to any project. On top of that, we are able to “value engineer” a project to replace steel with timber – bringing project costs down appreciably.
As you can see, these are just a few of the benefits of timber frame, and should help guide you with your decision on which building fabric to choose. Timber frame is the quick, sustainable and cost effective solution to any construction project. So if you have a project in mind, and want to see the savings you can make, please get in contact with us on 01304 613 298 or

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