OFP Timber Framed Homes and DIY SOS


OFP Timber Framed Homes have completed their second outing on the BBC programme DIY SOS. Eric and Davina, from Enfield, have had their lives changed through their friends contacting the BBC series. Sadly, Eric was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in July. This has led to him being increasingly confined to only one room in the house, greatly affecting his quality of life.

OFP Timber Framed Homes immediately reacted to BBC’s DIY SOS request to build a timber frame extension. The site became very busy with OFP Timber Framed Homes’ labour and plenty of local trades. “The spirit of Enfield really shone through for us. It was like I was falling and everybody in the borough held hands to catch me,” Eric Rivers said of the response to the BBC’s scheme.

Presenter of the BBC programme Nick Knowles was amazed at the response. “These volunteers have all been working 14-hour days to get this job done – for no money, nothing,” he said. “Some were doing a full day at work then coming down here to help. These are real working-class heroes.”

OFP Timber Framed Homes’ responsibility in the project was to design, manufacture and erect a new room, featuring a flat roof, on the rear of the existing building. It has allowed Davina and the family a greater freedom within their own house, “We wake up and it’s like we’re on honeymoon every day,” added Eric.

OFP Timber Framed Homes was managed the design, manufacture, deliveries and erection of the project. All services were donated in the name of the cause.
This first time that OFP Timber Framed Homes have worked on behalf of the BBC renovation program, OFP Timber Framed Homes and DIY SOS joined forces on the Big Build special in Dartford. Filmed in March 2011 and shown on the 9th August 2011, OFP Timber Framed Homes helped single mum Louise and her autistic son Thomas have their dreams come true in this engaging programme.

If you go on to the DIY SOS page on the BBC iPlayer, you can watch this episode in full and see the OFP Timber Framed Homes team work on a busy project for a very good cause.

Keep an eye out for Nick Knowles in and amongst the OFP timber frame and a few cameo appearances of the OFP team!

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