OFP Timber Frame Waste Management


At OFP Timber Framed Homes we take our waste management responsibilities very seriously. As timber frame construction is the most environmentally friendly method of construction it would be all in vain if the timber frame waste material that was produced wasn’t disposed of in a conscientious and eco friendly manner.
OFP Timber Framed Homes takes an approach that involves all members of the team from the senior management through to the shop floor staff on to the sites themselves. The OFP Timber Framed Homes waste management policy focuses on reduction of waste and reuse of waste. OFP Timber Framed Homes has a policy of optimising every piece of raw material that is required in every project – this ensures that our waste is managed and kept to a bare minimum.
Wherever possible any materials that are left over from a project are compiled within the OFP Timber Framed Homes waste management system and fed in to new projects. This ensures that when excess material or waste does occur, additional material isn’t ordered, and thereby reduces the company’s carbon footprint by minimising deliveries to and from suppliers and sites.
The company ensures that this waste management mentality is seen throughout the company. For example, the office recycles all waste paper and ink cartridges, the shop floor is involved in an insulation recycling programme and our construction sites use off cuts of timber as a method of binding the panels together. The goal of the OFP Timber Frame Homes waste management policy is to ensure that if it can be saved or recycled it is, and if it can’t be, then it is responsibly disposed of.
When there is inevitably timber that is just too small to be used productively in one of our timber frame projects, the timber will be used to heat the factories during the colder seasons. The factories and offices at OFP Timber Framed Homes are heated by wood burners from materials not used on site. This ensures that the carbon footprint of the company is kept to a minimum and that all non-productive material has a use.

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